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Terrain at the Sydney Opera HouseAugust 1st, 2012 0 Comments

Car Rental in SydneySo this past weekend, Zee and I had the singular opportunity to see the Bangarra Dance Company perform at the Sydney Opera House. If you have never seen or heard of this troupe of ridiculously talented, unique dancers, you must Youtube them immediately. Formed in 1989, Bangarra is Oz’s premier indigenous contemporary dance company. They tell gorgeously choreographed stories set to intense, raw music and their sets and costumes are always equally as mesmerizing.

In Australia, rental cars are the way to go if you have somewhere to be and hate flying like we do. So Friday, after I finished up at the garage, Zee collected Jas and me and we headed for Sydney. We got in late, but had booked one of my favorite hotels in Sydney, Grace, which is located right in the heart of downtown, close to absolutely everything.

The next morn we slept in, treated ourselves to a decadent breakfast of pastries and fresh juice on the whimsical garden patio of La Renaissance Patisserie Francaise on Argyle Street and then strolled around downtown. Zee spotted this gold mine of retro accessories, shoes and dresses on Castlereagh St, The Vintage Clothing Shop. If you have a taste for old-school styles, you will weep tears of joy when you enter this shop.

We prettied up for dinner and then took a leisurely turn around the dusky Royal Botanic Garden, just adjacent to the Sydney Opera House, before the show. Honestly, the set pieces gave me chills when we entered the Drama Theatre.

The show was called Terrain, and it was a tribute to the vast and stark region of Lake Eyre. The dancers were painted, dusty and positively gorgeous. It was all about Mother Nature, the relationship indigenous people have with the unspoiled lake, and the transformation it makes throughout the seasons. Seriously, I do not know how Bangarra comes up with this stuff, it’s so weird, so innovative! The choreographer Frances Rings deserves a medal for her work, as does the composer David Page as well.

Zee and I agreed that someday we’d have to see Lake Eyre for ourselves after such an inspiring performance. The dancers were so dynamic, climbing all over each other, leaping and tossing like they were weightless. Overall, it was a breathtaking show that I highly recommend you catch if you are in the area in the next couple of weeks, while it’s still on. Truly one of the most intense things I’ve ever witnessed!



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